King's African Rifles - A History, Malcolm Page

King's African Rifles - A History, Malcolm Page

The King's African Rifles was one of the most important of the military units raised across the British Empire in Africa. With a mix of Africa soldiers and European officers, the King's African Rifles fought in both World Wars,

Much of the book covers the achievements of the King's African Rifles during the two World Wars. The KAR took part in the long campaign in East Africa during the First World War, and fought against the Italians in Somaliland and Ethiopia, against the Vicky French on Madagascar and against the Japanese in Burma, performing well on each occasion, during the Second World War.

These sections, and the chapter on the Malay Crisis, are presented as narratives, with the KAR's involvement set against its historical background. The potentially more controversial chapter on the Mau Mau is rather different - a short outline of events is followed by a series of personal memories of the fighting. The same approach is taken for the chapter on the end of Empire. These final chapters are thus less detailed, but give a better feel for the nature of life in the unit. There are also some interesting appendices, in particular the discussion of the songs of the King's Africa Rifles.

This is a useful study of a part of the British army that is now receding into the past, with most of its regiments going in the early 1960s, half a century ago.

1 - How it All Began
2 - The 'Mad Mullah' Campaign 1900-1920
3 - From German East Africa to Tanganyija 1914-1918
4 - Between the Wars 1919-1940
5 - Italian East African Empire - Part I
6 - Italian East African Empire - Part II
7 - Madagascar and Mauritius
8 - Burma
9 - Victory and Afterwards
10 - Malaya
11 - Kenya and Mau Mau
12 - Imperial Twilight
13 - The Kenya Regiment, Len Weaver CBE

A - Lt Col H Moyse-Bartlett
B - 'They Went Singing'
C - The Royal East African Navy
D - East African Artillery
E - The Royal Wajir Yacht Club

Author: Malcolm Page
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 298
Publisher: Pen & Sword Military
Year: 2011 edition of 1998 original

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