The Vought F4U Corsair, Rafe Morrissey and Joe Hegedus

The Vought F4U Corsair, Rafe Morrissey and Joe Hegedus

This book is aimed at a very precise audience - someone who wants to produce an accurate model of a particular version of the Chance Vought F4U Corsair, either using an existing model as a base or starting from scratch, but who doesn't need instructions in how to carry out the actual modelling. Its aim is to provide accurate information on the physical details of each variant, as well as the paintwork and identifying marks of service aircraft.

Each chapter looks at a different version of the aircraft, examining the changes from the previous version, covering both major changes (such as the complete redesign of the cockpit canopy) and minor changes (such as the addition of a small wedge to the front of the wing or minor instrument changes). Exterior and interior details are examined, so there are some detailed pictures of the inside of the cockpit, the weapons bays and the undercarriage.

One minor flaw is that in the excellent pull-out section of detailed plans there are a series of side, top and bottom plans of the aircraft, but no frontal plan showing the gull wing.

The text is lavishly supported by contemporary and modern photographs, with useful captions for most of the pictures. The captions on the photos of modern aircraft are of particular value, explaining how the aircraft in question have been modified since the end of their service careers - a surprising number of museum aircraft aren't entirely historically accurate, with weapons from later versions or other minor changes. The section of model reviews is also well supported by photographs, this time of the completed models.

Overall this should be a useful reference volume for anyone looking to produce an accurate model of the Corsair, but it should also be of interest to the non-modelling aircraft enthusiast, providing a accurate account of the evolution of this iconic aircraft.

1 - Development and Prototype
2 - Corsair F4U-1 (FG-1)
3 - Corsair F4U-1A (FG-1A and F3A-1A
4 - Corsair F4U-1D & F4U-1C (FG-1D)
5 - Corsair F4U-4 (FG-4)
6 - Corsair FG2
7 - Corsair F4U-5
8 - Corsair AU-1 & F4U-7
9 - Corsair in Foreign Service
10 - Modelling the F4U Corsair
Appendix I - Bibliography
Appendix II - Corsair Kits
Appendix III - Corsair Accessories
Appendix IV - Corsair Decals

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Author: Rafe Morrissey and Joe Hegedus
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 144
Publisher: SAM
Year: 2010

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