The Battle of Britain, Kate Moore

The Battle of Britain, Kate Moore

There are a lot of books on the Battle of Britain, so a new one has to have something different to stand out from the crowd. In this case I’d say that difference is the scale of the introduction, which takes up the first half of the book. This includes sections on the development of the main aircraft of the battle, the history of the two air forces, and their nature in 1940, the training and tactics of their pilots and so forth, followed by a brief account of the German victories of 1939-40 and the role of air power in them.

After that the account of the battle itself is good but fairly standard, with a nice use of eyewitness accounts from the Imperial War Museum archives and very good pictures. The story is covered from both sides, although more of the eyewitness accounts come from the British side.

There is a good balance of text and pictures, and the book is somewhat normal than the Osprey standard format, so there is plenty of space for both.  

If you don’t have a recent book on the Battle of Britain, then this will be a good choice. If not, then the first half makes it worth considering.

Fighter Command
The Luftwaffe
Blitzkrieg: Germany's Lightning Strike
Spitfire Summer: The Air Battle for Britain

Author: Kate Moore
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 200
Publisher: Osprey
Year: 2015 edition of 2010 original

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