Medieval Warfare Vol VI, Issue 1: Reign of the Leper King - The Kingdom of Jerusalem

Medieval Warfare Vol VI, Issue 1: Reign of the Leper King - The Kingdom of Jeruslem

Medieval Warfare Vol VI, Issue 1: Reign of the Leper King - The Kingdom of Jerusalem

This issue of Medieval Warfare magazine looks at the last years of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem, and in particular the reign of Baldwin IV, the Leper King, whose managed to keep his kingdom intact during his short reign, despite the rise of Saladin and the temporary end of a period of disunity in the Muslim world.

After a historical introduction there is an article on the Historia of William of Tyre, one of the main chronicles of the Crusader Kingdom. Next is a look at the army of the Kingdom and the tactics it developed to counter the superior number of its Muslim opponents and their mounted archers. The diplomatic position of the Kingdom is examined, looking at the clash between those within the Kingdom who were happy to establish friendly relationships with their Muslim neighbours and those who were more aggressive. Saladin's great failure at Montgisard in 1177 is next, an example of the damage that a Crusader army could do to a larger Muslim army, even if led by one of the great commanders of the period. Finally there is a biography of Baldwin IV himself, looking at why he was allowed to take the throne despite his illness, his successful reign, and his military achievements – impressive for a man who was increasingly crippled by illness.

Away from the main there there is an article on Odin was a warrior, seen as the inventor of warfare and a great commander. The article on the Hussite war wagons looks at purpose-built vehicles produced to make the wagenburg tactic more effective. There is an interesting look at the early career of St. Francis of Assisi, who experienced a traumatic military defeat before turning to religion. Finally we look at the 'Grand Chevauchee' of 1355, the Black Prince's raid across southern France in the year before the battle of Poitiers.

Amalric's legacy - Historical Introduction
Deeds done beyond the sea - The Historia of William of Tyre
The most cautious men in the world - The Latin field army, ca. 1099-1187
The reenactor - Recreating the crusader period
Hostility in the Holy Land - The Kingdom of Jerusalem and its neighbours
A day of terrible slaughter - the battle of Montgisard, 1177
Baldwin IV - the life of the Leper King
Odin, warrior god - Influence of the Viking god of warfare
Ziska's Wagenburg - Mobile fortress of the Hussite Wars
Soldier before Saint? - The military career of St. Francis of Assisi
The Black Prince unleased - The Grand Chevauchee, 1355

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