Medieval Warfare Vol III Issue 3 - The advance of the Seljuq Turks: Byzantine power in decline

Medieval Warfare Vol II Issue 5: Turmoil  in northern Italy:  France and the Holy League at War

Medieval Warfare Vol III Issue 3 - The advance of the Seljuq Turks: Byzantine power in decline

The main focus of this issue of Medieval Warfare magazine is on the clash between the Byzantine Empire and the rising power of the Seljuq Turks. There is a good spread of articles on this main theme, with some looking at the clash and some focusing on aspects of the individual powers.

The clash itself is the topic of articles on the battle of Manzikert and of Myriojephalon, two Seljuq victories traditionally seen as crushing Byzantine power. In both cases the authors argue that the aftermath of the battles were more significant that the defeats themselves - the civil war after Manzikert was particularly costly.

Byzantium is the subject of articles on two key historians and on the Komnenian dynasty's reaction to defeat at Manzikert (they came to power soon after the battle).

The articles on the Seljuqs cover some less familiar topics - an early Seljuq success at Dandanaqan, Seljuq military technology and the caravanserais they built across Anatolia after they captured the area. I found the last of these of most interest, well illustrated with photographs of surviving caravanserais, which were quite substantial buildings.

Away from the main topic there is an interesting article on late Medieval Irish warriors, and in particular the Galloglass, and on the costly Scottish invasion of England of 1138, which saw both sides have some success but at a terrible cost to the local population.

A gathering storm - Historical introduction
The art of Byzantine historiography - The works of Bryennios and Attaleiates
'We won it at Marv and lost it at Marv' - The battle of Dandanaqan
'Arrows, arrows, everywhere!' - Technological advantages of the Seljuq armies
Protecting travel and trade - Seljuq caravanserais in Anatolia
The Battle of Manzikert - When Anatolia was lost forever
The Komnenian response to seljuq victories - The development of the Byzantine army
Byzantium's final offensive - the Battle of Myriokephalon
A war without quarter - The Scottish invasion of England in 1138
Medieval Irish warriors - A new brand of professional soldiers (1250-1475)

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