Hitler's Army, Chris McNab

Hitler's Army, Chris McNab

A History of the German War Machine 1939-45

This book is very different to the normal Osprey, at least in scale. At over 400 pages it is almost ten times longer than a Men-at-Arms volume. It also differs in scope - where most Ospreys focus on a particular part of an army or period, this book covers the entire German army from 1939 until 1945.

The text covers a very wide range of topics, from the overall structure of the army and its divisions, individual and group training, down to the evolution of individual items of uniform and kit. The text is entirely new, but is supported by an excellent selection of illustrations, pictures and maps from Osprey's archives.

The result is a useful guide to the evolution of the Germany army during the Second World War, The level of detail is about right, avoiding getting bogged down in too many minor issues while still providing a good picture of the rise and fall of the Germany army at it went from triumph in Poland and France to its collapse under immense pressure in 1944-45. The impact of massive losses and the constant pressure the army was under can be traced in the changes to the structure of the army, and even the quality of the uniforms.

Introduction: A Phoenix from the Ashes
Blitzkrieg: Hitler's War Machine Unleashed, 1939-40
North Africa and the Balkans, 1940-43
Operation Barbarossa and the War in the East, 1941-43
Italy and the Western Front, 1943-44
The Final Defeats: Retreat to the Fatherland, 1943-45

Author: Chris McNab
Edition: Hardcover
Pages: 432
Publisher: Osprey
Year: 2011

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