German Troops in the American Revolution (1) Hessen-Cassel, Donald M. Londahl-Smidt

German Troops in the American Revolution (1) Hessen-Cassel, Donald M. Londahl-Smidt

We start with a brief explanation of how Hessian troops came to be in British service, which includes details of the units that served in North America, and a section on how they were reinforced (including a list of all of the troop movements across the Atlantic).

The list of major actions involving the Hessians suggests that they generally performed well, despite being most famous for suffering an embarrassing defeat at Trenton in 1776. Apart from that their record generally reflects that of the wider British army, with Hessian troops present at many of the major victories, and the final defeat at Yorktown.

The bulk of the book is taken up with the regimental histories. The focus in these is on the details of the uniforms, although there is a brief list of their major engagements. This section will be of use to war gamers looking to get their paint scheme right.

Of more general interest is the section on the combined battalions used by the Hessians. The first was formed from the survivors from the regiments lost at Trenton, the second after a troop convoy suffered heavy losses at sea. For these we get a more detailed history of their activities, including changes of commanders and casualties. The same is true of a group of temporary companies of chasseurs and a troop of light dragoons.

Recruitment and Organization
The Hessian Corps
Arrival in America
Major Actions involving Hessians
The Regiments
Temporary Units
Return from America

Author: Donald M. Londahl-Smidt
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 48
Publisher: Osprey
Year: 2021

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