Churchill's Wit, The Definitive Collection, ed. Richard M. Langworth

Churchill's Wit, The Definitive Collection, ed. Richard M. Langworth

Winston Churchill was famously one of the wittiest people of the twentieth century, responsible for hundreds of memorable quotes covering a very wide range of topics.

This selection of Churchill's wittiest quotes has been compiled by Richard M. Langworth, editor of the Journal of the Churchill Centre, with approval from the Churchill estate. Langworth is also the editor of 'Churchill by Himself', a collection of 4,000 quotations that cover all topics and moods.

The quotes are organised into twelve thematic chapters, subdivided by topic, with an appendix that covers the better known quotes falsely attributed to Churchill, with the correct reference.

Landworth provides two indexes - by name and by subject, so this book can be used either as a reference work or for casual reading. The only word of warning comes from Langworth himself - these quotes shouldn't be taken as reflecting Churchill's genuine views of a subject, but only a limited and somewhat distorted view, excluding as it does all of Churchill's more serious statements on any topic.

This is a thoroughly entertaining read, and helps to preserve Churchill's reputation as a great wit.

1 Thrusts and parries
2 Maxims and reflections
3 Stories and jokes
4 Churchillisms
5 Great communicator
6 People
7 Britain, Empire and Commonwealth
8 Nations
9 War
10 Politics and Government
11 Education, Arts and Science
12 Personal
Appendix: 'Red Herrings'

Author: Winston Churchill
Editor: Richard M. Langworth
Edition: Hardcover
Pages: 244
Publisher: Ebury Press
Year: 2009

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