Hitler's Savage Canary - A History of the Danish Resistance in World War II, David Lampe

Hitler's Savage Canary - A History of the Danish Resistance in World War II, David Lampe

The Danish resistance is best know for helping the country's Jews to escape to safety in neutral Sweden, but as this book makes clear this was only one of a series of impressive achievements.

The book was originally published in 1957, and this does show in its consistently upbeat tone. One can't help but think that a more modern book on the same subject would focus more on the failures, infighting between groups, traitors and other negative aspects of the topic (as seen in many recent books on SOE).

Instead here we read about the successes and achievements of the brave men and women of the resistance, some of which were very impressive indeed.

It soon becomes clear just how important the long sea border with Sweden was to the success of the resistance. Something like 30,000 people made the crossing between the two countries, and much of the weaponry used by the resistance made the same journey.

This is a fascinating account of the activities of some very brave men and women, who risked everything to fight the Nazis, with one in ten being killed, and comes highly recommended.

1 - Paper Bullets
2 - The Deserters
3 - Under a Postage Stamp
4 - Two Thousand Bangs
5 - According to Plan
6 - 'J.J. has been caught'
7 - Exodus
8 - Exporting a Genius
9 - Liquidation
10 - Strike!
11 - The Canary's Voice
12 - The Island
13 - The Kattegat Bridge
14 - The Secretary and the Pastor
15 - The Smorrebrod Raid
16 - 'Greeting to Christian'
17 - The Battle of Jutland
18 - The Men in the Attic
19 - The Shell House Raid
20 - The Greatest Escape
21 - The Sound
22 - A Good Night's Sleep
Foreword by Air Chief Marshal Sir Basil Embry

Author: David Lampe
Edition: Hardcover
Pages: 237
Publisher: Frontline
Year: 2010

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