Brassey's Battles, John Laffin

Brassey's Battles, John Laffin

3,500 Years of Conflict, Campaigns and Wars from A-Z

This is one of the most ambitious military reference books I have come across. It features articles on 7,000 battles and campaigns spread out over 3,500 years of history. In most cases we are told the commanders, the size of their armies, an idea on the course of the battle and casualty figures. These are supported by a reasonable selection of maps, and lists of battles for most major wars.

Inevitably in a book of this type there are errors, but they are small in number and generally minor in nature (transposed digits in a date - 1856 for 1865, or cross-references to nonexistent articles). This is a very useful reference work, and a good source of information for unfamiliar areas.

Author: John Laffin
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 503
Publisher: Brassey's
Year: 1995 (2nd Edition)

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