The Persian Invasions of Greece, Arthur Keaveney

The Persian Invasions of Greece, Arthur Keaveney

The two Persian invasions of Greece are amongst the most famous military ventures in history, and a myriad of books have been written about them. This doesn't mean that a new book on the subjects needs an unusual twist, but it certainly helps. In this case the twist is that the author is an expert on Ancient Persia, not on Ancient Greece. He thus has more in-depth knowledge of Persia, the nature of the Empire and its army, the motives of its rulers and the debates that surrounded the two invasions.

Although this is a fairly short book at 130 pages the author actually provides a better account of the Ionian Revolt and its background that is normally the case. The personalities of the Ionian and Persian worlds also get more prominence (and the Ionians don't disappear once the Persians move into Greece, as can often be the case).

The Greek point of view isn't neglected. The debates between the cities states and the impact they had on the campaigns is well covered, as are the major battles themselves. As a result this is a well-rounded account of these pivotal wars, and would make a great introduction to the topic, while the increased coverage of the Persian side gives it value to the more knowledgeable reader.

1 – From Cyrus to Darius
2 – The Ionian Revolt (499-494 BC)
3 – Marathon (490 BC)
4 – Between the Invasions (489-481 BC)
5 – Thermopylae and Artemisium (480 BC)
6 – Salamis (480 BC)
7 – Mycale and Plataea (479 BC)

Author: Arthur Keaveney
Edition: Hardcover
Pages: 130
Publisher: Pen & Sword Military
Year: 2011

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