Stalingrad Battle Atlas Volume 2 (14 October-18 November 1942), Anton Joly

Stalingrad Battle Atlas Volume 2 (14 October-18 November 1942), Anton Joly

Oct 14-Nov 18 1942: One Month of Urban Warfare Operations

This is the second of a two-part atlas of the Battle of Stalingrad. This second volume covers the second month of fighting in Stalingrad, from the start of the larger German attack of the battle to the start of the great Soviet counterattack.

At the heart of these books are the day-by-day situation maps, focusing on the most critical areas of the battle. The maps are supported by weekly maps that show a wider area, orders of battles, estimates of combat strength for the troops actually fighting in the city, accounts of each days fighting (tied to the maps) and extracts from contemporary newspaper reports and combat reports. These are very well researched and help paint a very clear picture of this confused battle, one of the most intense periods of urban warfare during the Second World War. The tone of the newspaper reports is fascinating, with both sides emphasising the dangers and difficulties of the battle while also focuses on their successes - clearly the ground was being prepared for a defeat, especially on the Soviet side.

The focus of this second book is on the fighting in the Industrial District in the north of the main city. Other Soviet forces were still fighting further north, and go get a mention, but this was the crucial battle that kept the Germans pinned down in Stalingrad while the Soviets prepared to launch their counterattack. The Germans actually made more progress in the first month of the battle, but their major attack on 14 October saw them come dangerously close to achieving their aims, reaching the Volga north of the industrial area and cutting the Soviet positions in half.

These two books are a very impressive contribution to the literature on the Battle of the Stalingrad, providing a well-researched resource for anyone interested in the battle.

The clouds gather
General situation - October 13
The storm unleashes
Industrial District - October 14
None shall pass
Industrial District - October 21
Red October
Industrial District - October 28
General situation - November 4
The last assault
Industrial District - November 11
On the eve of a Red Dawn
Industrial District - November 18

Author: Anton Joly
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 132
Publisher: Staldata Publications
Year: 2014

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