The Armed Forces of the European Union 2012-2013, Charles Heyman

The Armed Forces of the European Union 2012-2013, Charles Heyman

A short 180 page reference guide to the forces of the EU. If you require up to data statistical data on the forces, weapons and equipment of the 27 EU countries then this book fits the bill.  It lists numbers and types of vehicles, aircraft and warships as well as troops / personal numbers and basic command structures but the information does not really go beyond that.

Budgets and a comparison against USA, Russian and Chinese forces is included out of interest as well as a very brief list of deployments overseas and commitments to peace keeping operations in places such as Afghanistan but this is very basic information with little detail. A set of rather random colour plates in the middle of the book serve no useful purpose as most are just publicity shots from various countries rather than ones showing uniform colours or country markings.

A 30 page vehicle section gives basic details of all the vehicles , aircraft and ships mentioned but no pictures or silhouettes. The final section on military organisation is more useful though. Generally the book cant really make its mind up as to who is its audience, the statistical data would be useful to serious researchers but then the basic vehicle guide and colour plates would not.  For a book of its type is useful, compact and relatively cheap  and not without utility.

Author: Charles Heyman
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 192
Publisher: Pen & Sword Military
Year: 2011

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