One Step Further Vol. 1, Marion Hebblethwaite

One Step Further Vol. 1, Marion Hebblethwaite

Vol. 1: Book A

This book is the first volume (of nine) in a series devoted to telling the stories of the winners of the George Cross, and covers recipients of the award with surnames beginning with A. It also includes a detailed introduction looking at the George Cross and the awards that it replaced.

As with every book in this series, there are an amazing range of stories here, including medals awarded for anti piracy work on the Yangste River, earthquake rescue, and for apprehending an assassin!

This book is brilliantly illustrated, with hundreds of photographs. In many cases there are illuminating interviews with the family of the medal winner, witness statements and extracts from the original awards. This volume contains a set of pictures of the reverse of as many of the medals as could be found, complete with the inscriptions dedicating the medal to the awardee.

We thoroughly recommend this book. It can be purchased directly from the George Cross Database website

Author: Marion Hebblethwaite
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 160
Publisher: Chameleon HH Publishing
Website: George Cross Database
Year: 2007

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