Marching with the Tigers: The History of the Royal Leicestershire Regiment 1955-1975, Michael Goldschmidt

Marching with the Tigers: The History of the Royal Leicestershire Regiment 1955-1975, Michael Goldschmidt

This is likely to be the last entry in a series of histories of the Leicestershire Regiment that stretch back to 1688 and the early history of the 17th Regiment of Foot, and follows on from a volume covering the period from 1928 to 1956. The end date of 1975 marks the point at which Tiger Company, The Royal Anglian Regiment, the final form of the regiment, was disbanded, and it would seem unlikely that the county regiments will reappear in the future.

This book will appeal to two markets – those with a direct interest in the Royal Leicester Regiment, and those with a more general interest in the British Army – its main market will probably be amongst former members of the regiment or their families. Individual chapters would probably be useful to anyone with an interest in the conflicts in Cyprus, Borneo, Aden and Northern Island, each of which involved the Leicesters. The near-constant post-war reorganisations of the army are also covered, at least as far as they impacted on the Leicestershire Regiment and its immediate successors.

The main target market for this book are those who were directly involved in the Regiment, either ex-serving members of the Royal Leicester Regiment or their families. For every chapter that looks at a post-war conflict there is another covers life in the Regimental depot, and there are regular sections on Regimental sport and other elements of every day life in the regiment.

This is a high quality piece of work that should be of great interest to anyone with a connection to the Royal Leicestershire Regiment, and also makes a useful contribution to the history of the post-war British army.

Family Tree of Leicester's Infantry, 1935-2008
Portraits of Colonels-in-Chief and Colonels
1 – 1st Battalion The Royal Leicestershire Regiment: Cyprus 1955-58
2 – 1st Battalion: Plymouth and Münster 1958-62
3 – 1st Battalion: Watchet, Hong Kong and Borneo 1962-64
4 – The Depot: Leicester, Bury St. Edmunds and Bassingbourn 1955-75
5 – 1st Battalion/ 4th R Anglian: Watchet and Aden 1964-65
6 – 4th Battalion: Malta and Libya 1965-68
7 – The TA Battalions 1955-67
8 – 4th Battalion: Gillingham and Bahrain 1968-70
9 – Tiger Company: Aldershot, Gibraltar, Canterbury and Northern Island 1970-75
10 – The Territorial & Army Volunteer Reserve Battalions 1967-75
11 – The Regimental Museum
12 – The Regimental Chapel
13 – Alliances and Affiliations
14 – And onwards – post 1975
Plus seventeen appendices

Author: Michael Goldschmidt
Edition: Hardcover
Pages: 400
Publisher: Pen & Sword Military
Year: 2009

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