Escape from Arnhem: A Glider Pilot's Story, Godfrey Freeman

Escape from Arnhem: A Glider Pilot's Story, Godfrey Freeman

This autobiography focuses on the author's experiences as a glider pilot in the British airborne force that attacked Arnhem. At the end of the battle he was captured by the Germans, but managed to escape both from captivity and from enemy-occupied territory, both with the help of the Dutch resistance.

Freeman starts with an account of the last day at Arnhem. He then alternates between chapters looking at his early life, RAF training and the wait to go into action and chapters that follow his path through the German prisoner of war system, until the escape itself. At this point he focuses on the single story, following it through to his return to England.

Mixed in with this enthralling escape story are Freeman's thoughts on the nature of courage. Like many brave men he believed that he wasn't one, instead believing that the brave men were the ones who didn't show any nerves. I rather disagree with him on this point - Freeman was often scared, but was able to overcome his fears to escape through German occupied territory and across the Rhine, but his views do provide an interesting angle on the nature of bravery in battle.

Free has produced a fascinating account of his experiences in Holland, successfully combining an adventurous escape story with his thoughts on the nature of bravery.

1 - The Last Days at Arnhem Bridge
2 - Early Life
3 - A Train to Germany
4 - The Glider Pilot Regiment
5 - Plotting the Escape
6 - Training
7 - The First Attempt
8 - Missing D-Day
9 - The Escape
10 - The Dutch Underground
11 - A Length of String
12 - A Night Bicycle Ride
13 - Through the German Front Line
14 - Operation Pegasus
15 - Return to Britain
16 - Summing Up

Author: Godfrey Freeman
Edition: Hardcover
Pages: 135
Publisher: Pen & Sword Aviation
Year: 2010

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