Images of War – M2/ M3 Bradley, David Doyle

Images of War – M2/ M3 Bradley, David Doyle

The M2/ M3 Bradley has been the main US infantry fighting vehicle during the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, although it was originally designed in the 1970s and entered service in 1981, so was designed during the height of the cold war. This entry in the Images of War series had five chapters on the main variants of the M2 and M3, each filled with pictures showing the internal and external details of the vehicles, followed by a single chapter looking at the combat record of the Bradley.

For me the balance between the detailed photographs of variants and actual combat pictures isn’t quite right, with rather too much of the former and not enough of the latter. However the first chapters will no doubt be of great interest to the modeller, showing just about every part of each variant in great detail. I do like the number of pictures of the interior, an area often neglected in collections of photographs. This also gives a better idea of the difference between the M2 and M3, which really comes down to the balance between troop space and ammo storage in the rear compartment. 

The pictures themselves are of high quality, and show plenty of interesting details. They are well captioned, and do provide great coverage of the vehicles from just about every angle.

1 – The M2 and XM2
2 – The M2A2 ODS (Operation Desert Shield)
3 – M2A3
4 – M3A3
5 – The M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System
6 – The Bradley Deployed

Author: David Doyle
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 264
Publisher: Pen & Sword Military
Year: 2018

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