English Electric Lightning, Martin Derry and Neil Robinson

English Electric Lightning, Martin Derry and Neil Robinson

Flight Craft 1

This study of the English Electric Lightning is very much aimed at the modeller. The first part of the book covers the various marks of the aircraft and the units with which it served, looking at where the unit served, which marks of aircraft they operated, when the various marks were in service, and will be of interest to the general aviation enthusiast, although even here there is quite a lot of emphasis on paint schemes and insignia. This section is lavishly illustrated with mainly colour photographs of the Lightning.

The second half of the book is much more specialised. There are fourteen pages of colour plans showing different paint schemes and squadron liveries, a series of reviews of the various kits that have been produced over the years (including some that are no longer easily available), and finally a series of photos of completed and painted models.

The Lightning is a good topic for this sort of approach, as it was in service at a time when RAF liveries were perhaps at their most colourful (to the extent that the RAF high command actually ordered them to be toned down). There is thus more variety in the different squadron paint schemes than in many other periods.

If you are at all interested in modelling the Lightning then this is an excellent source. If not, the general history is good, and does fill 57 pages, but you might find that a bit too much space is dedicated to squadron liveries. 

Early Development
Lightning F.1 and F.1A
Lightning F.2 and F.2A
Lightning F.3
Lightning T.4
Lightning T.5
Lightning F.6
Lightning exports
Lightning camouflage and markings
The Lightning in Colour
Modelling the Lightning
Appendix: Lighting data tables

Author: Martin Derry and Neil Robinson
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 96
Publisher: Pen & Sword Aviation
Year: 2016

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