The Civil War Years, Robert E. Denney

The Civil War Years, Robert E. Denney

A Day-by-Day Chronicle of the Life of a Nation

This is a fantastically detailed day by day account of the Civil War, but in a way that is not its main strength. Denney had found diaries and letters from a wide range of participants in the war, north and south, and illustrates the main events of the war (and many minor events) with the opinions and experiences of those people.

This approach helps bring the war to life. A small group of our correspondents continue to write throughout the war, so we can follow them as they develop from inexperienced recruits into experienced veterans, and then finally leave the service as the war ends.

Author: Robert E. Denney
Edition: Hardback
Pages: 624
Publisher: Gramercy
Year: 1998

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