The Parthian, Pete Darman

The Parthian, Pete Darman

This historical novel is set at the time of Spartacus's revolt. The Roman Empire has recently expanded in the east, bringing it into conflict with the Parthian Empire, and with our hero, a Parthian prince who is captured by the Romans, enslaved and taken to Italy, where he is rescued by Spartacus, joining his revolt.

The plot moves along at a nice pace, intertwining two main themes - the relationship between Rome and Parthia and Spartacus's slave revolt, with the first theme providing a framework for the second. The Parthian backdrop also allows the author to tell the Spartacus story from a different viewpoint, focusing on the later military campaign rather than the gladiatorial elements.

The author is a little prone to explanatory passages, some of which could have been merged more smoothly into the narrative, but otherwise I found the book well written and entertaining.

Author: Pete Darman
Edition: Kindle

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