An Incomparable Project, T.E. Crowdy

An Incomparable Project, T.E. Crowdy

This set of four essays expands on the same author's Incomparable, a history of the 9th Light Infantry Regiment during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. Osprey have taken advantage of the ease of e-publishing to package these essays as an e-book. The four essays look at the earlier history of the regiment, focusing on a different period to the printed book.

The first essay looks at the earlier days of the regiment, newly formed during the Seven Years War as the Legion of Clermont-Prince, a unit with a rather troubled history (ending with an unsuccessful wolf hunt!).

Next comes a look at the immediate predecessor of the 9th, the Chasseurs of Cévennes, a mixed force of light cavalry and infantry that existed from 1784 and that became the ninth most senior light infantry battalion after the two arms were split in 1788.

Third is a look at the immediate aftermath of the revolution - a period that saw other units of the French army revolt and the outbreak of the revolutionary wars.

The final essay looks at the period from 1894-97, when the regiment took part in a series of campaigns and was also frequently restructured. The most dramatic of these changes saw it merged with two units of volunteers to form the 9th Demi-Brigade.

This is an interesting selection of essays that provide a useful insight into the evolution of the French army before the Napoleonic period, and at its low cost is good value for money.

I. Intrigue and Monsters: the Volunteers of Clermont
II. The Formative Years: the Chasseurs of Cévennes
III. Revolution and Baptism of Fire: the 9th Battalion of Foot Chasseurs
IV. Amalgamation & Consolidation: the 9th Half-Brigade of Light Infantry
Chronology: 1784–1815

Author: T.E. Crowdy
Edition: E-book 
Pages: 121
Publisher: Osprey
Year: 2012

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