Images of War: Leningrad, Hero City, Nik Cornish

Images of War: Leningrad, Hero City, Nik Cornish

The siege of Leningrad was the longest land battle of the Second World War, lasting for 900 days, from the arrival of the Germans and Finns in September 1941 to the eventual Soviet lifting of the siege in January 1944. This entry in the Images of War series covers the siege and the surrounding battles.

The author has chosen a well balanced mix of pictures, with plenty of material from both the Soviet and German sides of the line. Generally there are pictures from both sides on each double page spread.

The pictures are generally of a high quality, well reproduced and supported by useful captions. Each chapter starts with a brief history of events that examines both side's plans, looks at how events elsewhere impacted on the siege (for example how the German defeat at Kursk ended a plan to tighten the siege). The pictures cover a wide range of topics, including the soldiers and military equipment on both sides (including those parts of the Soviet fleet that took part in the fighting), and pictures of the besieged city and its inhabitants.

This is a high quality illustrated history, made so by the excellent balance between German and Soviet pictures and the wide range of subjects covered.

1 - A Time of Great Peril
2 - Blow and Backlash
3 - Such a Closeness to Death - Civilian Life in Leningrad
4 - The Grand Design
5 - Fire Magic and Northern Lights
6 - Iskra – Operation Spark
7 - The Air, Sea and Partisan War Over and Around Leningrad
8 - Polar Star to Panther Line
9 - Return to the Luga River

Author: Nik Cornish
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 128
Publisher: Pen & Sword Military
Year: 2011

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