The German Army on Campaign 1914-1918, Bob Carruthers

The German Army on Campaign 1914-1918, Bob Carruthers

This entry in the Images of War series, covering the German Army of 1914-18, is at the same time very familiar but also different. The pictures show many of the same scenes as one would find in similar books on the British Army on the Western Front – peacetime marches, group shots behind the front lines, enemy prisoners, the trenches, and so forth, but with different uniforms and equipment, giving them an unfamiliar feel (also many more mustaches).

Having the entire war in a single volume does allow us to trace the changing nature of the conflict. We start with troops marching in the open, with a mix of the famous spiked helmets and simple caps. Trenches soon appear, followed by an increasing array of trench weapons, gas masks, steel helmets, tanks, anti-tank guns and anti-aircraft guns. Some of the impressive German trench construction can be seen, including an impressive set of weapons pits that do look rather different to anything seen on the British side.

Most of the major battles of the war make at least a brief appearance, although sometimes in scenes from a little behind the lines. We do get a rather vivid remind of how sudden the German collapse was when it came. The first picture suggesting any sign of defeat doesn’t come until page 122, only seven pages from the end of the book. However we are constantly reminded of the cost of the war, with pictures of casualties from both sides.

This is a collection of photographs, showing how similar life was on the other side of no man’s land, as well as highlighting the differences.

Chapters - none

Author: Bob Carruthers
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 128
Publisher: Pen & Sword Military
Year: 2016

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