Commando Tactics: The Second World War, Stephen Bull

Commando Tactics: The Second World War, Stephen Bull

The British Commandos were one of the most famous Special Forces units of the Second World War, even though the Army Commandos were disbanded almost immediately at the end of the conflict.

Bull asks a series of questions about the Commandos - how were they selected, how were they trained, how were they used and how did that change over time being the most important. The nature of the unit changed over time, from its formation in the aftermath of the defeat of France, when it was used for small scale raiding, to the invasion of Normandy, when two full brigades of Commandos were used.

There are some interesting sections on Commando training, the role played by Fairbairn and Sykes and the training in remote parts of Scotland. Many of the key Commando raids and missions are also studied. By looking at these wider questions, Bull has produced a very valuable history of the Commandos, looking beyond the glamour of their raids to paint a wider picture of this elite unit.

1 - Desperate Force
2 - Norway
3 - St. Nazaire
4 - Dieppe
5 - The Making of Commandos
6 - Close Combat and Lessons Learned
7 - D-Day: Assault Infantry
8 - Conclusion

I - British Commando Clothing and Equipment, European Theatre
II - 43 RM Clothing and Equipment, Yugoslav Theatre
III - Establishment and Armaments of a Royal Marine Commando Troop
IV - Commando Battle Drill 1945

Author: Stephen Bull
Edition: Hardcover
Pages: 214
Publisher: Pen & Sword Military
Year: 2010

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