Wartime Childhood, Mike Brown

Wartime Childhood, Mike Brown

This book looks at the impact of the Second World War on the daily life of Britain's children. Five areas are covered – the impact of the war on schools, mostly from bombing or evacuation; the threat of air raids and the gas masks and bomb shelters that were introduced in response; food and cloths rationing, helping with the war effort, which mostly focuses on the wide range of youth organisations in existence during the war, and toys, comics and games.

The text is supported by just over eighty pictures, most in colour, a very impressive total for a fifty-six page book. The pictures are well chosen to support the text, and illustrate just about every point made in the book.

The tone of the book matches that of many memoirs covering the same period – although dreadful events were going on all around them, for many children (those not directly affected by tragedy) a wartime childhood was dominated by some inconveniences (rationing, evacuation) and some excitement (watching dogfights, collecting shrapnel and exploring bomb sites all feature in my own parents memories).

This book will be of particular use for teachers, covering an area that is part of the National Curriculum in England.

Helping with the War Effort
Spare Time

Author: Mike Brown
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 56
Publisher: Shire Library
Year: 2009

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