Mosquito Photo-Reconnaissance Units of World World 2, Martin Bowman

Mosquito Photo-Reconnaissance Units of World World 2, Martin Bowman

Osprey Combat Aircraft 13

This is the third of three books looking at the service career of the de Havilland Mosquito, the most versatile British aircraft of the Second World War. This final volume looks at the unarmed photo reconnaissance versions of the aircraft.

The first two chapters cover the entire wartime photo reconnaissance career of Mosquito with the RAF. The split between the two chapters is somewhat somewhat arbitrary, falling at the when the Photo Reconnaissance Unit became No 106(PR) Wing, although this is also the point at which the number of PR Mosquitoes began to increase.

The third chapter looks at the relatively short career of the PR Mosquito with the USAAF, while chapter four looks at the successful use of the PR Mosquitoes in the Far East.

Finally, chapter five gives brief histories of every British and Commonwealth reconnaissance squadron to operate the Mosquito, giving details of the versions flown and the duties it performed.

The text is supported by a large number of photographs, split between pictures of the aircraft and the reconnaissance pictures themselves. As with the previous two books, Bowman provides a large number of quotes from the crews of these aircraft.

Blue Birds over the White Cliffs
New Horizons
Stars and Stripes
Passage to India
RAF and Commonwealth PR Mosquito Units

Author: Martin Bowman
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 96
Publisher: Osprey
Year: 1999

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