Objectif Cherbourg 22-30 Juin 1944, Georges Bernage

Objectif Cherbourg 22-30 Juin 1944, Georges Bernage

This is a rather difficult review to write, as the book is entirely in French, and my grasp of that language isn't terribly strong. However the book is very heavily illustrated, so I can at least review the visuals.

The book starts with several pages of photos, followed by a series of chapters that each begin with several pages of text and then move on to a similar number of pages dedicated almost entirely to photographs. Each photo gets a short caption, most of which even I can work out.

The first set of photos look at Cherbourg under German occupation. Chapter one covers the US approach to the port. Chapter two looks at the assault on the port on 24-25 June. Chapter three looks at the fight to capture the central part of the port. Finally there is a brief section on the period after the battle.

Each chapter is supported by a series of excellent maps, some showing the wider battle and others focusing on individual fortifications or parts of the street network. The photographs cover a very wide range of topics, with a mix of aerial and ground level photos, and even some contemporary colour photos. The mix of pictures is excellent, and the captions appear to be informative.

I really can't comment on the text in any meaningful way, so I'll have to restrict my judgement to the excellent pictures and maps. These look to be well chosen, are well reproduced and are supported by useful captions. If you can read French, then this is probably a good account of this early Allied success in Normandy. If not, it probably isn't really for you!


Author: Georges Bernage
Edition: French Hardcover
Pages: 80
Publisher: Heimdal
Year: 2014

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