Images of War: Hitler's Headquarters 1939-1945, Ian Baxter

Images of War: Hitler's Headquarters 1939-1945, Ian Baxter

During the course of the Second World War Hitler made use of a surprising number of purpose built headquarters, some occupied for several years and some for very short periods (the campaign in France in 1940 or a short spell in the Ukraine).

This book contains a photographic record of most of those headquarters (the final bunker being the prime exception), combined with a useful text that details when each complex was constructed, the layout of each and when they were used.

Most of the pictures are directly relevant to the book, showing the headquarters themselves, Hitler or other people in the headquarters and the effort that went into transporting Hitler and his staff between headquarters. A significant number don't really fit, and instead show scenes from the fighting (including shots of Stalingrad or various pieces of military equipment). The book finishes with a visit to the Wolfschanze (Wolf's Lair).

This is a good entry in the Images of War series, with more emphasis on the text than is perhaps usual, so it also serves as a useful history of Hitler's various headquarters during the Second World War.

1 – A Year of Decision: Führersonderzug and Reich Chancellery, 1939-40
2 – Attacking in the West: Felsennest, Wolfsschlucht and Tannenberg, 1940
3 – The Eastern Front: Wolfschanze, 1941-1942
4 – The Road to Destruction: Wehrwolf, Wolfschanze and Wolfsschlucht 2, 1942-1943
5 – Defeat on all Fronts: Wolfschanze, 1944
6 – The End Comes: Alderhorst and Führerbunker, 1945
7 – A Testimony of Time: Wolfschanze Revisited
Appendix One: Hitler's Secret Headquarters
Appendix Two: Abbreviations

Author: Ian Baxter
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 199
Publisher: Pen & Sword Military
Year: 2011

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