Battles BC, History Channel DVD

Battles BC, History Channel DVD

The eight episodes cover a wide time span, from Ancient Egypt to Caesar's campaign in Gaul. They cover five historical and three biblical periods, and include the most famous periods of Ancient warfare.

The episodes are aimed at viewers with a general interest in history, but no prior knowledge of the periods covered. It is a little too obvious where the ad breaks have been removed - some editing to remove this repetition might have been useful.

The visuals are generally good, and very stylised, deliberately aiming to follow in the footsteps of The 300, so dramatic effect is more important that strict historical accuracy (Hannibal does rather resemble the Scorpion King in places, and is generally portrayed as being at least a foot taller than his opponents!)

The three biblical episodes make an interesting attempt to interpret the stories of Moses, Joshua and David as military history - it must be said that none of the men emerge very well from this, all having committed some fairly awful atrocities during their careers, but the effort is worthwhile (although no attempt is made to comment on the reliability of a religious book as an historical source).

1-1 Hannibal & David
1-2 Joshua & Caesar
1-3 Moses & Alexander
1-4 Ramses & Marathon

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