Scharnhorst and Gneisenau, Steve Backer


Scharnhorst and Gneisenau, Steve Backer

Shipcraft 20

This book is firmly aimed at people planning to make detailed models of the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau, perhaps the most successful of the German battleships of the Second World War. The target audience presumably lies somewhere between the novice (who wouldn't need this much detail) and the scratch builder (who would need more). The model maker is provided with reviews of the main models and the accessories that provide extra details, as well as a design history of the ships and the changes made to them as well as plenty of pictures and eight sets of line plans of the two ships (with a top and side view in each set).

Scharnhorst and Gneisenau were probably the most effective of the German capital ships, less vulnerable than the earlier pocket battleships and less costly than Bismarck and Tirpitz. The modelling detail is supported by a design history of the ships and a look at their service careers, which ended with Gneisenau abandoned during a rebuilding and Scharnhorst sunk by the Royal Navy. There is enough of a general history of the ships for this book to be of interest to non-modellers, while someone aiming at producing an accurate model of either ship should find the book to be of great value.

1 - Design
2 - Careers
3 - Model Products
4 - Modelmaker's Showcase
5 - Camouflage Schemes
6 - Appearance

Author: Steve Backer
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 64
Publisher: Seaforth
Year: 2012

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