Ancient History Vol V Issue 2: Swords around the throne: Bodyguards of kings and emperors

Ancient Warfare Vol V Issue 3: The last great enemy: Rome and the Sassanid Empire

Ancient History Vol V Issue 2: Swords around the throne: Bodyguards of kings and emperors

This issue of Ancient History magazine looks at royal bodyguards, important figures in many ancient cultures, in theory providing some security for the ruler (although not always in reality!) 

The article on the possible bodyguard of the Spartan kings is an interesting analysis of the limits of the available evidence, and attempts to reconcile a number of contradictory statements about the Hippeis.

The article on King David's bodyguard is interesting, if a little light on non-biblical sources to provide independent supporting evidence.

Two articles examine the bodyguards of Alexander and his cavalry guards of his successors in Egypt. The Romans come in with a look at one of Juvenal's satires, aimed at the Pretorian Guard, and a reconstruction of the appearance of a Pretorian Guardsman.

Away from the theme there is an interesting article on the development of the ala, the auxiliary cavalry of the Roman Army, attempting to penetrate the obscurity that hides them from us, and a look at the nature of warfare in ancient Spain that counters the general idea that the ancient Iberians took part in an early form of guerrilla warfare and instead fought a series of regular battles against the Romans.

The Source: Laughing at the Praetorian Guard
Cavalry about the Court: The Ptolemaic Home Guard
The Soldier: Portraying Praetorian Guardsmen
Crethi and Plethi and 'Mighty Men': The Bodyguard of King David
Protecting Sparta's Kings: and the role of the Hippeis
Luck, Divine Providence and an Elite: Alexander's bodyguards in times of war and peace
The Weapon: Peculiar Praetorian pila
Far Travelled Horsemen: The Ala Siliana
The Debate: Guerrilleros inHispania

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