Ancient Warfare III, 5: The Imperial Nemesis: Rome vs. Parthia

Ancient Warfare III, 5: The Imperial Nemesis: Rome vs. ParthiaAncient Warfare III, 5: The Imperial Nemesis: Rome vs. Parthia

This issue of Ancient Warfare magazine focuses on the clash between the Roman Empire and her eastern neighbours, the Parthians. This was a clash between two very different civilisations and their very different armies - the heavy infantry of the Roman legions and the cavalry archers and cataphracts of Persia.

We start with an overview of the clash between Rome and Parthia. More detailed articles look at Trajan's Parthian War, Augustus's successful policy of armed diplomacy, and the battle of Nisibis, the last clash between the two powers before the Parthians were overthrown from within.

Two articles look at the military equipment of the clash - the Roman equipment of 197-199 and the Parthian bow. The set is completed by an article looking at the asymmetric nature of the clash. Away from the central theme there is a look at the Breviarum of Festus, a very neglected source, and at the career of the Athenian general Myronides.

This is an interesting set of articles that provide a good picture of the clash between Rome and one of her most persistent enemies.

The Source: Trajan's Parthian war
Seeking the Knock-out Blow: A history of asymmetric warfare
The Weapon: The Parthian Bow
Armed Diplomacy: Rome and Parthia in the first century AD
Last Battle of the Parthian Wars: The battle of Nisibis, AD 217
Romans or Parthians: Legionary equipment during the Parthian campaigns of AD 197-199
The General: Flair for the unexpected (Myronides)
Be a General: Arrow versus the Spear

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