Ancient Warfare Magazine: Volume III Issue 4: Implacable Enemies: The Barcids at War

Ancient Warfare Magazine: Volume III Issue 2: Alexander's Funeral GamesAncient Warfare Magazine: Volume III Issue 4: Implacable Enemies: The Barcids at War

This issue of Ancient Warfare magazine takes the Barcids at War as its theme, looking at Hannibal and his family. Four of the main articles cover the central theme - two on Hannibal, one on his brother Hasdrubal and one on a overview of the families armies over the half century of their fame. Cannae is the only familiar subject covered here and the other three topics are interesting unfamiliar. The article on Carthaginian siege craft helps explain why Hannibal was never able to besiege Rome (but still can't justify Hannibal's decision not to march on Rome immediately after Cannae while the city was still in a state of shock).

The remain articles cover a wide time span and range of subjects from Ancient Egyptian bowmen to a 7th Century Byzantine military treatise. That last article was of great interest, giving a surprising picture of a nearly all-cavalry Byzantine army.

The articles are well illustrated and supported by some useful maps. A nice end piece gives the historical background to the cover art, looking at the artefact and ancient artwork that inspired it.

This is another good issue of a consistently interesting magazine.

The Source - The Rise of a Hyperpower
Forging a Professional Army - Armies of the Barcids
Hannibal at the Gates - Carthaginian siegecraft in persepective
Hannibal's Masterpiece - The battle of Cannae
The Other Invader over the Alps - Watershed of the Second Punic War
Special - Bowman in the Delta
The Weapon - Forging a gladius
Be a General - The Strategikon of Maurice

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