Ancient Warfare Magazine: Volume III Issue 3: Classical Heroes: The Warrior in history and legend

Ancient Warfare Magazine: Volume III Issue 2: Alexander's Funeral GamesAncient Warfare Magazine: Volume III Issue 3: Classical Heroes: The Warrior in history and legend

This edition focuses on the individual heroic warrior, both in reality and in Homer. The first two articles look at Homer's work, first his world view and the military organisation revealed in his epics, and then looking at the hero in Homer, his equipment, retinue and fighting style. This is followed by a look at Homer's influence of Philip II and Alexander the Great (a credible article, but one that would have benefited from including its sources).

The next two articles look at artefacts – first the Shield of Achilles as described by Homer, and then a set of 13th century BC Achaean armour found in Boetia (this is the most academic of the articles, linking the armour nicely to contemporary vocabulary).

Two articles look at the actual fighters – one looking at the awards for bravery given in the army of the Roman Republic and early Empire, and one, with a wider timescale, looking at the berserker.

The final two articles look at sources – the Liber de munitionibus castrorum of Hyginus, and the Peri Mechanematon of Atheneus Mechancus, the first looking at the correct way to set out a military camp, and the second at machines of war.

This issue covers a wide range of interesting topics in a series of well written articles.

The Source: The world's greatest battle epic
Fighting Homer-Style: The nature of heroic warfare
Inspired by the Bard: Philip II, Alexander the Great and Homer's Epic
The Find: The shield of Achilles
Seven against Thebes: New light on Achaean weaponry
Divine Battle Frenzy: Berserkers and wolf warriors
Brave Deeds: Heroes of the Roman army
Special: A camp in search of a campaign
Be a General: Machines of War

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