Ancient Warfare Magazine: Volume III Issue 1: War as a livelihood

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Ancient Warfare Magazine: Volume III Issue 1: War as a livelihood

This is something of a departure for us, and is the first time that we have reviewed an issue of a magazine. Ancient Warfare magazine concentrated on the military history of the Greek and Roman worlds, although this particular issue also includes an article on Ancient Egypt. The articles in this issue cover almost the entire period, starting with that article on Ancient Egypt and ending with a look at the mercenary in the later Roman Empire.

The articles are written for an educated but non-academic audience, and quite justifiably assume some knowledge of the period covered. The magazine includes regular features on historical sources and artefacts – in this case a look at a southern Chalcidian style helmet and the representation of the mercenary in the plays of Menander.

As an individual publication this magazine is a very interesting read and the topics listed for upcoming issues suggest that it will continue to be so. The articles are supported by a mix of photographs of ancient artefacts, some good maps and detailed modern illustrations.

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The Find: Mercenary's Helmet
The Source:  Theatre of War, the Hellenistic mercenary in contemporary drama
General-for-hire: Condottieri of the Ancient World
Soldiers of Ta-Sety: Nubian archers of the pharaohs
Putting the invaders to use: Mercenary tribes in Anatolia
The Emperor as Paymaster: Mercenaries and the Imperial Roman Army
Be a General: Vegetius's scholarship

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