De Havilland Mosquito NF Mk XII

The NF Mk XII was the first Mosquito to carry centimetric radar. The antenna for this type of radar was carried in a radome (radar dome) on the nose of the aircraft. This protected the radar antenna and helped to reduce drag. However, it did require the removal of the .303in machine guns from the nose of the Mosquito, although this did still leave it with four 20mm cannon, more than enough firepower to deal with any German aircraft.

The prototype Mk XII was a converted NF Mk II, and was completed on 22 July 1942. The improved performance offered by centimetric radar was such that 97 NF Mk IIs were converted to the Mk XII standard in the first half of 1943.

The NF Mk XII entered service with No. 85 Squadron on 28 February 1943, and achieved its first victory on 14/15 April. By the end of the year it was being superseded by the NF Mk XIII, which was based on the FB Mk VI, which gave it much longer range.

Mosquito Aces of World War 2, Andrew Thomas. This volume concentrates on the fighter variants of the Mosquito, looking at their role as a defensive fighter, both over Britain and overseas and their use during the D-Day invasion to protect the fleet. Thomas also looks at the career of the Mosquito as a night intruder over Germany, where it became the scourge of the German night fighters, often being blamed for losses miles from the nearest Mosquito.
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