De Havilland Mosquito NF Mk 36

The NF Mk 36 was the last model of Mosquito night fighter to see extensive service with the RAF. It was powered by the Merlin 113 engine, giving 1,680 hp, and had very similar performance figures to the earlier NF Mk 30. The NF Mk 36 used the AI Mk X radar set, with the antenna carried in a “Universal” nose. Seven RAF squadrons used the NF Mk 36 in the post war period.

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Mosquito Aces of World War 2, Andrew Thomas. This volume concentrates on the fighter variants of the Mosquito, looking at their role as a defensive fighter, both over Britain and overseas and their use during the D-Day invasion to protect the fleet. Thomas also looks at the career of the Mosquito as a night intruder over Germany, where it became the scourge of the German night fighters, often being blamed for losses miles from the nearest Mosquito.
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