Messerschmitt Me 310

The Me 310 was an attempt by Messerschmitt to rescue something from the failure of the Me 210 aircraft. It would have been a high altitude fighter/ bomber powered by two DB 603A engines, giving 1,750 hp, and with a pressurized cabin. It would have been armed with the same guns as the Me 210A-1 two 20 mm MG 151 cannon and two MG 17 machine guns firing forward, and two remotely controlled rear-firing 13 mm MG 131 machine guns.

The pressurised cabin was fitted to a Me 210A-1. The modified aircraft flew on 11 September 1943. However, by the end of the year the Me 310 had been cancelled, as it showed little or no improvement on the original Me 210. Messerschmitt moved on to the Me 410 Hornisse (Hornet), where they finally had some success.

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