Eastern TBM-3S Avenger

The Eastern TBM-3S Avenger was an anti-submarine warfare aircraft produced after the Second World War and that was normally paired with the TBM-3W early warning radar aircraft in hunter-killer anti-submarine teams.

The -3S was produced by converting existing TBM-3Es. The turret was removed and a larger rear cockpit installed to carry the radar operator/ navigator. The radio operator's position remained intact, although sonobuoy launch tubes were installed at the rear of the compartment. A searchlight could be carried under the port wing, and zero length rocket launches were installed on both wings. Depth bombs and acoustic torpedoes could be carried in the bomb bay.

The TBM-3S normally operated alongside the TBM-3W early warning aircraft, with its powerful APS-20 radar set. The -3S carried the receiver for a radar data link system, and could receive the radar information from the -3W, which would guide it to its target. The -3S also carried its own AN/APS-4 radar set in a pod under the right wing.

A similar version of the Avenger served with the Royal Navy as the Avenger AS Mk.4, while the standard -3S and -3W served with the Canadian, French, Dutch and ironically even the Japanese navies.

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