Douglas XO-14

The Douglas XO-14 was a single example of a scaled down version of the O-2H observation aircraft. The O-2H was a major redesign of the basic O-2, with unequal span staggered wings replacing the equal span un-staggered wings of the original design and a redesigned fuselage and tail. It retained the Liberty engine of the original O-2.

The XO-14 was much smaller and lighter than the O-2H. Its wingspan was reduced by 10ft 3in to 30ft 1in. Length came down by 6ft 11in to 23ft 1in and gross weight almost halved, down from 4,557lb to 2,500lb. The engine was changed to a 225hp Wright R-970-5 radial engine. The XO-14 was also the first Douglas aircraft to have wheel brakes.

The XO-14 was delivered to the Air Corps in February 1929. It remained in service until July 1933 when it was sold into private hands.

Engine: Wright R-970-5 radial
Power: 225hp
Crew: 2
Span: 30ft 1in
Length: 23ft 1in
Gross weight: 2,500lb

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