Douglas O-22

The Douglas O-22 was an experimental version of the O-2H observation aircraft, with a swept back upper wing and a radial engine.

The O-2H was a development of the original Douglas O-2 single bay equal span biplane. The O-2H had a modified fuselage and staggered unequal span straight wings, connected by individual struts. It was powered by the inline Liberty engine.

On the O-22 the upper wing was swept back. The wings were connected by N struts. The vertical tail surfaces were covered with corrugated metal instead of fabric. The tailskid was replaced with a tail wheel. Finally the Liberty engine was replaced by a Pratt & Whitney R-1340-9 radial engine. The two O-22s were delivered late in 1929 and were flown without any cowling, with a Townend ring and with an early version of the NACA cowling.

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