Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.6

The Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.6 was one of a series of early R.A.F. aircraft that were official produced by reconstructing damaged aircraft, in this case the Factory's own S.E.1. As with every other aircraft built using this cover story just about the only think it had in common with the S.E.1 was its 60hp ENV water-cooled engine. In every other way the B.E.6 was a standard early entry in the B.E.2 family, and was a two-bay tractor biplane with un-staggered wings. Even the engine didn't survive for long, and when the aircraft was handed over to the R.F.C., a few days after its maiden flight on 5 September 1912, it was powered by a 60hp Renault engine. The R.F.C. treated the B.E.6 as a standard B.E.2. After some time with No.2 and then No.4 Squadron it went to France with No.6 Squadron, where it saw active service. The aircraft eventually returned to Britain where it was used as a training aircraft, before disappearing from the record.

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