HMS Diamond

HMS Diamond was a Gem class third class cruiser that spent most of the First World War attached to the Grand Fleet. At the start of the war she was the light cruiser attached to HMS Lord Nelson, the flagship of Sir Cecil Burney, commander of the Channel Fleet. Before the war Lord Nelson had been attached to the 6th Battle Squadron, but after this was dissolved in August 1914 she was moved to the 5th Battle Squadron. HMS Diamond remained attached to this squadron into 1915.

HMS Diamond from the left
HMS Diamond from the left

From 1915 to 1918 HMS Diamond was attached to 3rd Battle Squadron of the Grand Fleet. Some sources suggest she was attached to the 5th Battle Squadron when it reformed as part of the Grand Fleet, but that squadron was made up of the Queen Elizabeth class battleships, which were significantly faster than the Diamond.

In 1918 she was sent to the Mediterranean, when she served as a Coastal Motor Boat carrier. To carry out this duty she was equipped with davits that allowed her to carry six 40ft long motor boats.

Top Speed (design)

22.5kts (Amethyst)

Top Speed (trials)

23.4kits (Amethyst)

Armour – deck


 - gunshields


 - conning tower



373ft 9in


Twelve 4in quick firing guns
Eight 3pdr quick firing guns
Four machine guns
Two 18in above water torpedo tubes

Crew complement



 6 January 1904


January 1905


Commander L. L. Dundas

Sold for break up


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