Siege of Khandhar, 1526

The siege of Khandhar (1526) was a success for the Rajput Rana Sangha of Mewar in the period after Babur's victory at Panipat had overthrown the Lodi dynasty, but before Babur had secured his own authority.

The strong fortress of Khandhar (or Kandar) is located to the east of Rantambhor, and is around 150 miles to the south of Delhi. It was normally under the control of the rulers of Mewar, but at the start of 1526 it was held by Hasan son of Makan, presumably as a result of Ibrahim Lodi's struggles against his southern neighbours.

In the aftermath of Panipat Rana Sangha attacked the fortress. Hasan had sent a number of messages to Babur before the siege, but had not appeared in person at his court. After Rana Sangha appeared outside the walls he sent more messages to Babur, this time asking for help, but Babur was more concerned with a number of forts that were holding out against him, and with the presence of a hostile army not far to the east of Agra. He was thus unable to send any help to Hasan, and at some point before the end of the monsoon season of 1526 he surrendered the fort to Rana Sangha.

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