James Butler, second duke of Ormonde, 1665-1745

A supporter of William of Orange against James II (1688), present at the battle of the Boyne (1 July 1690), and a loyal supporter of William; present at his deathbed. Military career peaked with his appointment as commander-in-chief and captain-general in 1712, but by 1714 he was out of favour as a recognised supporter of the Jacobite succession over the Hanoverian. He was impeached in June 1715, and fled to France on 8 August, weakening the Old Pretenders chances in England during the first Jacobite Revolt. Twice in 1715 he attempted to land on the Devon coast and raise revolt, but on both occassions he failed to gain any support, and was forced to return to France. He spend most of the rest of his live at Avignon, still involved in plots against England, although he is buried in Westminster Abbey.
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