Sir Walter de Mauny (-1372)

Sir Walter de Mauny was one of Edward III's best soldiers during the Hundred Years War. His career is a good example of merit earning advancement during the war. He was a native of Hainault, who came to England as an esquire to Queen Philippa. He immediatly made a name for himself in Scotland, and was prominant once the war with France started. He was present, and once again increased his fame at Sluys (1340), before being sent to Brittany to help the countess of Montfort in her fight against the french candidate for the duchy, Charles of Blois.(1342). He may have be in day to day charge of the siege of Calais (1346-7), was present at the siege of Berwick (1355), and on Edward III's last great campaign in France (1359-60). He was one of the main negotiators for the treaty of Bretigny, and when the war restarted he went on John of Gaunts dramatic but fruitless invasion of France (1369). Despite his origins, he became an accepted member of English society, was summoned to Parliament in 1345, and created a Knight of the Garter in 1359. He also founded the London Charterhouse (1371).
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