Matsukara Shigeharu (died 1638)

Son of Matsukura Shigemasa, this much hated Daimyo whose cruelty helped cause the Shimabara Rebellion was renowned for dressing disobedient peasants in straw raincoats and then setting them on fire. Although the rebellion was successfully put down he was invited to commit hara-kiri due to his mismanaging of the situation. His banner was black bands on a red background.
A Book of Five Rings, Miyamoto Musashi. Translated by Victor Harris. An excellent and fascinating short book and a must have for any serious student of Samurai history. The book has an excellent historical introduction and the section on the life of the author is as good as the book itself. The focus of book is the way of the warrior, especially the swordsman and has much thought provoking text for the careful and diligent reader. Detailed footnotes add to the translation and the text is very interesting for any interested in Kendo or the martial arts, mixing philosophy with strategy, giving a real insight into the life and beliefs of a samurai.
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