Charles Albert, Prince of Bavaria, Emperor Charles VII (1742-1745)

Husband of Maria Amelia, niece of the emperor Charles VI, and one claimant to the Habsburg inheritance. After Charles VI died leaving his daughter, Maria Theresa, as his heir, Charles Albert made his own claim on both the Habsburg lands and the Imperial title. His successes in the War of the Austrian Succession relied on his French support, as Bavaria itself was never able to raise more than 10,000 troops. His best chance of success came in 1741, when Austrian was almost undefended, but he wasted that chance, and by the time he was elected as Emperor Charles VII on 24 January 1742 the tide had turned against him. On the same day he was crowned Emperor (12 February 1742), the Austrians captured Munich, his capital, and for the rest of his life he played second fiddle to his French allies. On his death (20 January 1745), the Franco-Bavarian alliance collapsed.
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