Admiral Edward Boscawen, 1711-1761

Successful British Admiral, Boscawen rose rapidly, from lieutenant in 1732, to commander-in-chief by land and sea in the East Indies in 1747, where he launched an unsuccessful attack on the French stronghold at Pondicherry. Lord commissioner of admiralty from 1751 until his death, vice-admiral from 1755. During the Seven Years War he played a prominent role, first as second in command under Admiral Hawke, then as commander in chief of the fleet at the siege of Louisburg in 1758, then as commander of the Mediterranean fleet, where he defeated the French Mediterranean fleet at Lagos Bay (18 August 1759), after which he was able to join Hawke in time to play a role at the battle of Quiberon Bay (20 November 1759), which ended the French naval threat during the Seven Years War.

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