Battle of Ying, 203 BC

The battle of Ying (203 BC) was a victory won by a Han army over a Qi army, fought in the aftermath of the major Han victory on the Wei River (November 204 BC). In the aftermath of that battle King Tian Guang of Qi was captured and killed. Tian Heng declared himself to be king, gathered an army, and advanced to attack a detached part of the Han army, under the cavalry General Guan Ying. The two armies clashed at Ying (near Laiwu in Shandong),  and Tian Heng was defeated. He fled to Peng Yue, a semi-independent ally of Han, and took refuge with him. The Han went on to defeat Tian Xi at Qiansheng, and Tian Ji on the Shandong Peninsula, completing their conquest of Qi.

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